Equipment review – DeLonghi Magnifica S

I have been working with @prisjakt for a long time now, and by doing that, I get a lot of opportunities. I get to try a lot of machines, from food to coffee. So, when I got the assignment to try out a coffee machine from @delonghisverige, it got me really excited.

These machines are called “from bean to cup.” It means that it automatically grinds the coffee and then brews it for you. I have tested a lot of machines like this, from inexpensive to expensive, and the DeLonghi Magnifica S performs quite well for its price.

As I’ve written in my review, it’s really good for its price. A machine that is “from bean to cup” will, unfortunately, never make an original espresso. It will never have the same body or mouthfeel like an espresso. Instead, it will be a stronger coffee that’s unfiltered and has more body than a moka pot. That doesn’t mean that this is bad; it just means it’s different. Even when you change the ratios of coffee to the final product, it will not have the correct extraction. So, my ratio will be around 1:2.5 or 1:3, but it will have a more satisfying taste.

By trying this machine and another one costing around 4-5 times more, I would never buy the expensive one. The price of this one might be because of the design and that it doesn’t make the milk fully automatically. You have to use their steam wand, and, to be honest, I prefer that. It will be much better, and you can actually make latte art with it!

If you want to read the full review (in Swedish, unfortunately), you can find it here:

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