First of all, welcome to my coffee blog, my name is Paul and I have been an active specialty coffee since 2008. What I want to do with my coffee blog is to share with me all the tips I’ve learned throughout the year, then you can also get a little short-cut for a crisp brewing of coffee. Because there are so many coffee drinkers in the world, I really believe that for those who have not already switched to specialty coffee, a fantastic trip in front of them, there are great blends that are not very costly as single estate coffee.

If you have a regular coffee maker that runs on electricity, fixes a cheap mill and good coffee, you’ve really upgraded your coffee experience. For those who have taken coffee a step further and brew manually, I share with me a recipe (click here) or you can take advantage of the equipment I’m using today, this also applies to those who want to check out new products.

Hope you find coffee blog: a instructive and entertaining. If there is anything you can always contact info@kaffenytt.se, twitter or in this contact form.

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