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This is actually a special post, if you haven’t noticed this is the first espresso review I’ve published. So, of course, the first published espresso review will be the coffee from my friends at Baristashopen. Two years ago I tried their brew coffee and now when I want to share my thoughts of espresso I think that this might be a good start.

By the way, there’s a voucher in it for you, since that’s the only way I can give back to the ones who are reading my reviews. It’s a voucher on 15% of this coffee (Espresso Organic from Baristashopen). The code is Kaffenytt15. I get no money for this, by the way, just wanted to give out a voucher.

Back to review talk. I dialed my espresso at 25 seconds, 19 grams of coffee in, and 38 grams espresso liquid out. So I did a 1:2 ratio which is the most common one, at least the most common one to begin with. Later you can change the ratio to make it lighter or stronger.

The coffee is a blend of 3 Arabica beans,  1 natural (Brazilian yellow bourbon), and 2 washed; Colombian, Ethiopian Sidamo together with a washed Indian Robusta. Something I like about the coffee was how even roasted it was and that you could see that the color of the roast was pretty nice in its color. Not black at all, more like a dark brown color which means that the coffee has not been burned at all. The cup is lovely, it has that typical taste notes that we all love: Chocolate and nuts.

I loved it, it was very pleasant with milk which is very important for an espresso. Great coffee for a good price. Look it up, don’t forget to try them with my code: Kaffenytt15.

Baristashopens – Espresso Organic 500g for 159:- SEK or 135:- SEK with code Kaffenytt15 (135 SEK is around 14 euros)

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