Kaffebox – December 18 Box Preview: Kaffa Oslo

Now it’s finally time for the next KaffeBox, for some reason it hasn’t taken a long time at all receiving this package of coffees, so let’s go with the December month now when the September review is done. We have to catch up!!

So it didn’t take an as long time as last time, I can actually rewrite what was written at that time:

“the reason why it’s taken such a long time is that of Postnord (Swedish postal service) requires a declaration cost from the recipient and an added 21 days of delivery time. Just because Norway (KaffeBox is Norwegian) hasn’t joined the EU. I have to add that it’s very strange Sweden has no exception to our neighbors.”

This will be the 13th time for KaffeBoxyou can read the most previous post here. This month we will go back in time because Postnord kept the coffee for a month and I got it later.

The coffee comes from the Norwegian Oslo roastery Kaffa Oslo. This upcoming week we will review coffee from Costa Rica and Ethiopia.

As usual, I start with an informative text about the coffees:

Fuglen Coffee Roasters, Oslo, Norway.

1) Kaffa Oslo – Don Mayo
Personal cupping and recipe will be published 2019-02-13

Origin: Costa Rica
Variety:  Caturra
Producer: Don Mayo
Region: San Marcos, Tarrazu
Process: White Honey
Altitude: 1 600 – 2 070  masl.

Cupping notes from the coffee roastery:
Papaya, Vanilla Cream, Persimmon

I think that Kaffa Oslo has done something great here. They have a very delicate Costa Rica next to me, waiting to be brewed. It’s their limited edition so I’m expecting greatness from them!


2) Kaffa Oslo – Hallo Fuafuate
Personal cupping and recipe will be published 2019-02-17

Origin: Ethiopia
Variety: Heirloom
Producer: Hallo Fuafuate
Region: Yirgacheffe, Worka
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1 800 – 2 100 masl.

Cupping notes from the coffee roastery:
Floral, dragon fruit, sugar cane.

As usual, there is an Ethiopian on my desk waiting to get reviewed. After reading the notes taken down by the roastery, I expect a very solid Ethiopian coffee. This will not travel to the furthest way on the spectrum at all. But that’s okay and sometimes even great. I’m looking forward to trying this out.


Conclusion: This is actually the second time I’ll review Kaffa Oslo. The first time was September the 7th in 2018. At that time the bags looked a bit different and that’s apparently because of the limited edition we have in front of us. With that said I think that the coffee contained in these super limited bags must be very exclusively right? Well, let’s hope for something that might be insanely good!

As usual, I always wish to give a respectful greeting to KaffeBox, which allows us to get together with coffee from all over Scandinavia so that we can see how we roast differently and at the same time give us the best coffee from there. As a Swede, I hope we support our wonderful neighbors and continue to subscribe.

If we battle these two coffees against each other I’m putting my vote on the coffee from Costa Rica. Both are probably great, but I do love coffee from Costa Rica.

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