Cool Beans Cold Brew Coffee – Batch 01 Rwanda – Beans

So you’ve seen Cool Beans cold brew, you’ve seen their drinkmixer and maybe you’ve seen their coffee shots on my stories. The common denominator here is that they all use the same beans, the recipe for each bottle is of course different, but this is the foundation of the complete product I’ve reviewed.

So this is the end of the reviews for their Batch#1, they have a sale on their website for all Batch#1 products so they can make room for Batch#2. So if you’ve seen my reviews and think that this sounds amazing, I urge you to go and order some since it’s gonna be over quite soon. The price for this high quality coffee is a joke by the way, I know what beans it is and I know the roaster so it’s a bargain to be honest. A bag of 220g for a bit under 8€ is nothing in regards of the quality really.

The first batch of their Cold Brew has been really good, coffee from Rwanda always works well for Cold Brew. It’s really floral and has a lovely light mouthfeel which for me is the perfect combination for a Cold Brew.

Their chapter for Batch#1 will soon end and I just say that I’m eager to see what their next will taste like!


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