Espresso Martini using Sidekick Cold Brew Espresso

As promised, I’ve composed a recipe for an Espresso Martini using Sidekick Cold Brew’s own Espresso. I’ve tried the original recipe and I’ve also made my own take on an Espresso Martini, which is shown in the image. Using cold brew instead of regular espresso gives a less bitter taste, and it also gives you a more fresh cocktail which is more suitable for a cocktail in my opinion.

Kaffenytt’s Espresso Martini
4 cl Absolut Vanilla (Vodka)
2 cl Tia Maria (Coffee Liqueur)
2 cl Sidekick Cold Brew Espresso
1 cl simple syrup (50% water, 50% sugar with a pinch of sea salt)
3 coffee beans for garnish

Shake with three ice cubes aggressively for 15 seconds.


I prefer that recipe instead of the original (Black Russian + Espresso)
4cl Vodka
2cl Espresso
2cl Kahlúa (Coffee Liqueur)

However, as I wrote earlier this week. We’re living in troubled times so it’s important to enjoy ourselves, so this will be a great way of enjoying a drink you could do at home. I’m enjoying one right now on my balcony with finishing this post with my laptop with a book waiting, a book I’ve read three times before.

If their Cold Brew seems interesting be sure to look at my next post with the Espresso Martini and you can find them here:

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