Freshdrip no.1 – Ethiopia Biftu Gudina Washed

Freshdrip is a product made from the makers of The Coffeevine, it’s a product that will eliminate bad coffee “on the go”. Freshdrip is a package at the size of an A6 paper sheet, so it’s extremely easy to bring wherever your destination is. Within the package there is a filter that you can hang on a cup of your choice, you could almost say that this “hanger” replaces the Hario V60 pour over. The package is well sealed, the coffee has a very even and well-suited grind and the quality of the coffee is very high.

Remember that this doesn’t mean that you should stop using your Aeropress, Hario V60, French press, Espro or your other coffee brewing products. This will be your amazing way of taking specialty coffee wherever you go, to your family, friends, workplace or various places outdoors. The only thing you need to brew a freshdrip is a cup and warm water, for this grind I prefer a temperature between 91-93 degrees Celsius.

Information and recipe for the coffee:

Origin: Ethiopia
Variety: Mixed Heirloom
Farm: Biftu Gudina
Region: Agaro
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1950 meters above sea level.

Tasting notes: Red fruits, lime & peach.

You can brew what is says on the back of the package:

Step 1) Tear bag open along the striped line.

Step 2) Bloom your coffee with a small amount of freshly boiled water for 30 seconds, then completely fill bag twice to brew.

Step 3) Let drain completely, remove the bag and enjoy great coffee.

This is a great way to brew Freshdrip No.1 on, you do not need a scale, just hot water and a cup to fill with coffee. However, if you want to be nerdy with numbers, take temperature, filtered water, weigh and time the brew, you can do this as well:
Each image is described as a step

Step 1) Prepare your brewing by choosing a cup or glass, boil the water and let set to a preferred temperature, I chose 92 degrees Celsius to this Ethiopian coffee.


Step 2) Tear bag open and place freshdrip on your cup or in my case a glass.

Step 3) Tear the top of the filter open along the striped line. Then pour in 23g of water for blooming for 30 seconds.

Step 4) After 30 seconds, pour about 180g of water (to obtain a total amount of 200 grams of water). It will take about 1 total minute to fill the filter with 180g of water.

Step 5) Allow the filter to drain as much liquid as possible before serving, as picture number 5 demonstrates.

This may be an unnecessary variant, but I know that many appreciate a recipe with numbers. The idea is that the brewing should be as simple as possible because this is your “on the go” coffee brew with an awesome finish!

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Enjoy your coffee!


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