Sidekick Cold Brew Espresso

I’ve tried Sidekick’s Cold Brew before, but this time I also tried their new espresso. Which gave me a lot of ideas, in which situations could I use it for instance?

Well, of course, you could do every normal espresso-based coffees like cappuccino, macchiato and so on. Instead of warm frothed milk, you’ll just froth it cold with a french press or a whisk.

However, my favorite is by far to make an Espresso Martini using Sidekick’s Cold Brew “Espresso Booom”. I’ll get a suitable picture and a recipe close to the weekend.

We’re living in troubled times so it’s important to enjoy ourselves, so this will be a great way of enjoying a drink you could do at home.


If their Cold Brew seems interesting be sure to look at my next post with the Espresso Martini and you can find them here:

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