Sidekick Cold Brew Coffee

I’ve published drinking Sidekick Cold Brew on my Instagram story earlier this summer, but I haven’t really written much more about it. There’s still time to enjoy cold brew coffee this summer and why not drink a very good one.

I’ve tried out a lot of already mate cold brews, also from cafés around the world, but this is definitely the best pre-bottled cold brew I’ve tested.

Sidekick Cold Brew uses one of the more famous roasteries in Sweden, Drop Coffee. They use a single-origin coffee from Hunkute, Ethiopia. The cold brew has been brewed for 17 hours which is around the same time that I do if I want a good normal cold brew. Other brands use additives, Sidekick Cold Brew only uses coffee and local (Swedish) water, the only way you should brew your cold brew.

But how does it taste?

It’s very easy to drink and has no bitterness to it, a cold brew eliminates the bitterness in the coffee. However, if you use the wrong bean and roast the taste might feel bitter. They hit the nail on the spot, the bean is perfect for cold brew, I usually use an Ethiopian with the same taste profile as this actually. The fully organic cold brew is smooth as hell and has juicy fruity notes in it.

If you’re interested in trying them out, check out their website at and  sidekick_coldbrew at Instagram.

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