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I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about which coffee to buy in the last few days since my interview and Q&A with Prisjakt. The question is often combined with “in my local store”. So of course, not all local stores will have specialty coffee so I went to my own and saw what I could get. The mission was to find:

1. Whole beans
2. Medium roast or lighter
3. 100% Arabica if it’s for filter brew

There were more parameters I had but I could not get those so let’s not clutter the text with 5 more rows haha.

I found Starbucks Medium Roast coffee. The taste profile is the following: “Well-rounded with subtle notes of cocoa and toasted nuts balancing smooth mouthfeel”. I chose to pick this one because of the text as well since I’ve tried specialty coffee with comparable notes like this one.

However,  this isn’t medium roast at all, it’s way darker than that, it’s pure dark roast there’s nothing more to it. This does not taste as well as a specialty roast from Brazil etc. The toasted nuts are burnt in comparison. To be honest, this wasn’t cheap at all, my local roaster Pennybridge Roasters does an awesome Colombian and Brazilian for the same price, and people who haven’t tried specialty coffee yet loved those when I served it to them. I will keep looking for coffee bought at your local store but for now, I recommend getting it from your local roastery.

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