sthl nordic

I got a bag a while ago from sthl, the bag looked clean and great so it got me very interested. At first glance the smell was great but the roast seemed to be a bit too dark for my personal preference. The coffee is a blend which often makes it more balanced.

Since it was too dark for me I served a couple of friends that like lightly roasted coffee but haven’t yet crossed over to the “light path”. They really loved it and said that it’s so much better than the normal coffee they buy. After that I let them try a very light roasted coffee, which made them think that the crossover to light roast wasn’t as difficult for their palate as it’s been before.

But how would I prefer this?

Since I drink super light roast with my pour-over, this was a big jump for me. However, with a Moka pot or even as espresso, it worked well for me. It’s also a good breakfast coffee for me, like eating with a piece of bread and deli meat on.

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