Wendelins Kaffe Dark Roast

I got an email some weeks ago asking me to try this coffee out from the people behind it. This isn’t a specialty coffee by any means, but coffee doesn’t have to be it of course. The most important thing for me is that the farms are taken care of both environmentaly and economically. However, I don’t get so much information about where the farms are, or anything about the product itself, only that minimum 30% of the coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

The coffee is dark roast and then I mean to the point that I wouldn’t call it dark roast, it has to much burnt notes which is pretty hard to disguise with even milk and sugar. But that’s pretty common with dark roasted coffee you get at the store. However, this is my preference and I’ve been drinking specialty coffee for over a decade and my taste buds react differently, and you might hate the floral or acidic notes that you can find in specialty coffee.

Friends of mine who’s been drinking a lot of dark roast like this has been switched to high quality coffee that has been roasted to a better level of “dark”. A lot of burnt flavor and bitterness will disappear and you will get the lovely notes like nuts and chocolate which we all prefer instead. The bag has a cool look though!

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