Coffee Labs Roasters – Yemen Al-Ghayoul

I forgot to mention a thing about Coffee Labs Roasters… This year’s April fools they made a joke about changing their name to Coffee Cats Roasters, and I just want to use my platform to show off a really cute cat that would make a great job as a model. So if the joke has softened you up to want a cat on your bag, I promise you that Toulouse will catch a lot of new customers!

A small recap about Coffee Labs Roasters:
“This is pretty cool actually, because I don’t usually get coffee from outside Europe and what’s even cooler is that I knew about today’s posts star before I even went into hardcore Specialty Coffee. Today’s post is about a lovely bag of coffee from the New York Metropolitan area called Coffee Labs!

Even though I’ve known about Coffee Labs for probably over 15 years, I’ve actually never tried their coffee. So getting three bags of coffee with a roaster I’ve wanted to try for years is pure joy for a person like me.”

Back to the coffee I’m reviewing!

Coffee from Yemen is a special thing; the coffee has a lot of flavor which makes it one of the more expensive coffees. When you try their coffee, even the one I’m reviewing, it’s very earthy, almost herbal. You can also get a lot of nutty flavor like a bitter yet sweet almond. It has a lot of complexity like Maracaturra beans from Nicaragua, so you kind of get why some people favor Yemeni coffee as the best in the world.

It’s a litter darker than mid-roast, but it doesn’t give you any burned flavors, it’s still a clean cup of coffee.  I tried it with and without paper filters with different kind of brewers; my absolute favorite was with the Aeropress since the paper filter out coffee oils which gave a cleaner flavor in the end.





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