Eguale – Mexican Light Roast

Yesterday I published a post on Instagram (click here) writing that I received sorted items from eguale. It had three bags of coffee and three bars of chocolate as well.

Today I’ll only write about the lightly roasted coffee that’s already been pre-ground for coffee brewers. So I had to use a coffee brewer, but I also tried it with Hario V60, Kalita and a Chemex. It works but it’s not perfect with those kinds of brewers, but it still works well.

However, let’s talk about the coffee. I’m gonna be honest, totally honest as always. I don’t feel that this is a light roast, it’s more of a mid/dark roast. For some people, this might feel like a light roast, but when you drink the kind of coffee I usually review who often has a red ember-esque color. You’ll understand that they are far from the same roast.

This doesn’t mean that this is bad, it’s just not what I associate with a light roast. This was the negative thing with the coffee, and that’s just a word, right? The coffee is okay, it has that everyday kind of feel. The coffee is a 100% Arabica blend of Mexican and Peruvian coffee beans. They write on the bag that the coffee should feel as well-balanced, fresh taste, with a round character and fruity acidity. The fruitiness isn’t that powerful since the coffee is a bit darker, but it has a good balance which works well.

Is this better than specialty coffee? I can only speak for my self and I can’t honestly say that I prefer it. However, many other brands you can find in the supermarket in Sweden destroys the palate and gives an acidic and burned taste, which isn’t good for the experience or your health. This is good and if you want to spend around 16 euro per kilo instead of 50-60 euros, then this is a good choice! I also tried all types of chocolate to this coffee and the best one suited for this was the one with pomegranate, it gave it a very jammy feel and that’s something I can recommend. Their chocolate is actually the thing that surprised me, I often buy high-quality chocolate and this is around that level.

Check in tomorrow as well, as we’ll go to the next coffee!

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