Johan & Nyström – Ethiopia Welena

I’ve been brewing a lot with the Aeropress the last couple of weeks and I’m in that kind of period where everything tastes better with it. The Aeropress is actually my first coffee brewer ever, sure my parents owned an electric filter brew, but my very first was actually it.

Today I got a lovely coffee from Johan & Nyström; I mean if you just look at the video, you can see that lovely color.  It’s a really great tasting Ethiopian coffee; it’s so full of red currant flavor and some blackberries. It was very pleasant even when it cooled down. Brewing this coffee isn’t hard at all; it’s very easy to get right even when you fail it will taste great!

In a couple of weeks another coffee from Johan & Nyström will be posted, and that one might be one of my absolute favorites from them. I’m looking forward to record it!

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