Johan & Nyström – Julkaffe

The last bit of coffee from the Advent Calendar got finished yesterday, so what can I still drink today?

I mean since it’s Christmas day today, and it’s more common to celebrate this than what we do in Sweden (Christmas Eve). Let’s take our time and drink a Christmas coffee blend instead. So today I’ve chosen to drink Julkaffe (Christmas coffee) from @johanochnystrom. This coffee suits everyone! It’s not as light as I usually drink and the light roasted coffee can be a bit to light for almost everyone I know in my family so this suits everyone perfectly!

Personally I prefer lighter when it comes to the roast, but if I’m going to drink a darker roast, it has to be high quality beans and that’s what this is. I’m very happy with it and the whole family has been drinking this today and even a bit yesterday as well.

I know that I said that I would do normal posts and all, but this felt like it suited a special day like today!

Merry Christmas!


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