Kafferaven – Advent Calendar – Day 11 – Black & Bloom


Day 11 – @Kafferaven Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Woho! It’s always interesting to try a guest roaster!

I can recite what I wrote about guest roasters in their calendar:

“So on special days in this calendar like today, the second of advent, we’ll be enjoying a guest coffee roaster instead of kafferaven. This is a great way of learning other roast profiles and how they can differ from each other, as a coffee drinker this could be a good exercise and experience.” And today it’s the third Advent!

So the second guest roaster is called @blackandbloomgroningen, they’re from the Netherlands and what I understood is that they love natural processed coffee (amazing – me too!). So we’re already a match hehe.

The coffee itself is from Ethiopia and has an amazing jammy feel through the whole drinking experience. That’s the main thing I feel, a lot of jam and berries and that’s my kind of Ethiopian coffee. Really happy with this, I ‘ll recite Per here: “Tack Gerben”.

I hope you had an amazing coffee experience as well, see you tomorrow!

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