Kafferaven – Advent Calendar – Day 18 – Nordbeans

Day 18 – @Kafferaven Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Today’s coffee was a surprise!

This is the third and last guest roaster for this calendar and it’s because it’s the fourth advent today. Hurray for us! Close to Christmas!

First a bit of background:
Every year or so I try to buy El Cambalache from Nicaragua and Vara Blanca from Costa Rica, and today’s coffee was from Costa Rica. And this coffee is actually from the same farmer as the one who makes the Vara Blanca. I’m not quite sure if it is the same green beans or if it’s a different variety. However, the guest roaster (@nordbeans from Czech Republic) has captured the same flavors as the Vara Blanca I love. It’s nutty and has a lot of amazing chocolate.

I actually made two different brews today, one with 11 grams (with the @aeropress) and one with 19 grams with an Espro. Both brewing methods came out great! A lovely surprise today couldn’t be happier!

See you tomorrow!

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