Kafferäven Per Nordby – El Árbol – Longer Fermentation

Ohhh how I’ve been waiting to review this coffee. This is one of the happiest experiences I’ve had reviewing coffee in a while. This coffee is very special and has a very defined berry flavor that’s never been so rich before. I think it’s the first time a specialty coffee takes it to this kind of level.

Kafferäven Per Nordby is a personal favorite when it comes to roasteries, so as soon as I saw that they had a coffe with long fermentation it got me intrigued. When I browsed a couple second longer I found that they had the same name, but “longer fermentation”. I was hooked, so of course I had to order it right away.

So just by reading the description: “Crazy fruitbomb, fermented cherry, tropical cocktail” must make you eager to try it out right? Well it worked for me, and to be honest, it’s really a crazy fruitbomb. A lot of berry taste, tropical notes like pineapple. The grind size should be like sugar and keep the temp at 95 C, that’s my sweetspot!

Cupping notes for El Árbol:
Berrybomb, pineapple

Pour Over recipe for El Árbol: 

20 g coffee
300 g filtered water
60 g blooming 45 seconds
95 degrees Celsius

1) Pour 60g water for blooming for 45 seconds.
2) 45 seconds in, begin your second pour of 60g of water.
3) 1 minute and 30 seconds in,  begin your third pour of 60g of water.
4) 2 minutes and 15 seconds in,  begin your fourth pour of 60g of water.
5) 3 minutes in,  begin your fifth pour of 60g of water.
6) Stop the dripper at 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

*Always rinse the paper filter with filtered hot water, don’t forget to wash the coffee server with clean water afterward, because the taste of the paper might linger.

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