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When I received this lovely bag of coffee from @kafferaven, I got really sick twice, and I couldn’t taste anything at all.

However, at the time I received it, I was really into it. I thought a lot about what it could taste like, even more so when I had zero taste at all. So what I did was vacuum-seal the bag and stored it in a dark place. I just remembered today that I had an unopened bag. First of all, I’ll write something longer after I’ve been drinking it for a week, but just for today, I’ll share my first impression.

First of all, I made a pour-over brew with this, and the sweetness was divine. It’s been a very long time since I had really good specialty coffee, and this was beyond really good. It’s hard to describe since I’ve been sick and didn’t want to waste good coffee. I’ll update in a week or two about this lovely bag of coffee, but if there’s any left by then, you’ll have to buy it


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