Kafferäven Per Nordby – Subscription – Kokose

It’s been a while for a video but it’s here now!

For this month I had some difficulties to choose which one I was going to begin with. But when I saw that this Ethiopian coffee was honey processed I got so intrigued that I had to pick it first!

The coffee is very elegant and I really love the aroma that came from it, it was very floral with a lot of warm sweet notes. In this video I brewed it with my pour over, but it works really well any other way. It’s really tasty and I would recommend you to get the coffee and try it wth whatever coffe brewer you have at home!

As usual the coffee from these subscriptions from @kafferaven is making me so happy, it’s really nice to get a coffee that’s “seasonal”, and for me it has almost been a hit every time.

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