Lavazza – ¡Tierra!

Sometimes I get private messages of what coffee to try next. So the reader who didn’t want to be tagged said that this one of their favorite coffee. So they wanted to know what a person who drinks specialty coffee everyday thinks.

So I had to search a bit to see where I could buy the coffee, it was a Lavazza ¡Tierra! That was preground as well. So after finding it only 200 meters away from where I live haha! First thing was to map out what I was going to plan to do with the post, what did they want me to try out and so on…

So the first question from the reader was, is it as good as specialty coffee? Unfortunately it’s not, the raw coffee are different so the result will taste really different. That’s the first thing and for me filter brew are much lighter than this coffee. It doesn’t mean that’s bad, it’s just that I prefer a different type of roast profile for my filter brews. However, since the body was pretty dark and not light at all, what happens if I regrind these and make an espresso out of it?

Okay… My idea behind it is that I like Italian roast when it’s a concentrated drink like espresso or espresso martini and so on, so why wouldn’t I like this? First of all it’s pretty hard to regrind fine coffee, but with a manual grinder it’s easier and you know what? It took some time but it sure was good as an espresso. When I drink my espressos I like them fresher and lighter than a typical espresso. This is supposed to be for filter brew so it was a bit lighter which worked out well for me. And as we all know, preground makes a much shorter shelf life so you can’t really say so much about that, everyone might not have a grinder at home so you can’t criticize it at all since I have the choice to buy whole beans. I like my coffee black, but that’s specialty coffee which is so bad with milk, however this worked pretty good with milk as filter brew or espresso.

If you have any suggestions for me to buy in Sweden, I’ll gladly try it out in the near future. I’ll try some more Lavazza in the future though, perhaps espresso stuff?

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