Lykke – Darkness

I had some fun with this photograph, the funny pictures were a bit too much so I had to tone it down a bit haha! I had a lot of neon lights in a very very dark room to bring out some weird darkness to it. I guess that, that picture belongs in a folder where non-uploaded pictures stay…

However, over to the coffee! Darkness is a bit too dark roasted to me, but this isn’t a bad thing. I prefer lightly roasted as a filter brew since I’ve had that every day for the since 10 years. So I tried it as an espresso and it was the right amount of crisp! I liked it a lot in that way.

This is a lot like their “Happiness” coffee, it’s a great everyday coffee for those who prefer a darker roast and it’s also one of the best ways for a dark roast drinker to drink high-quality dark roasted beans. If that’s good you might go over to their Happiness and maybe even their lighter roast in the future. I’ve given out some samples to friends so they can drink at home, and every person who likes dark roast said that this coffee is one of the best they’ve tried, in other words; Lykke always delivers!



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