Lykke – Happiness

Sometimes people ask me what kind of coffee I could recommend. This, of course, depends on the person. Often it’s a person who wants to transfer from the usual coffee to high-quality, if that’s the case, I often recommend coffee with the same traits as the coffee I’m writing about today.

Lykke Happiness is an everyday coffee, it’s a mid-roast which is a good way place to begin the transition. It has a lot of good flavors such as chocolate and nuts, which I value highly in an everyday coffee since it’s the most balanced and… Well, I’ll never get bored of it and that’s why it’s such a good place, to begin with. Lykke always delivers high-quality beans with a uniform roast, which is important so the flavor stays the same from time to time. So if you need a coffee that really does the work from day to day, this is a safe bet!


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