Nero Scuro – Santa Rosa – Tarrazù

I have chosen to start this post with exactly the same introduction as Nero Scuro – Finca La Amazonia – Huila, which was part 1 for this short series of reviews.

“This review is one of the more interesting posts I’ve ever had to work with, the people from Nero Scuro, coffee roastery from Italy,  are amazing people who really care about their work. Now why I consider this to be extremely fun for me will be more detailed below.

In The Coffeevines January 18 box (written February 7, 2018), I reviewed one of Nero Scuro’s coffee, Nero Scuro – Guatemala. Especially coffee from Guatemala isn’t my favorite, but I realized that the work that lay behind the coffee was extremely thorough and with passion. With this, I concluded my review by hoping that the coffee I was reviewing instead was from Colombia rather than Guatemala. After a while, the people at Nero Scuro contacted me via my Instagram and asked if I would like to test a sample of their Colombia. And as you know, I said  “YES!”. To be read by the coffee roaster, to be contacted by them, having a nice conversation. This… This is something amazing to me.

As usual, here we go!”


Then it’s time for the second review of the Nero Scuro series, Nero Scuro – Santa Rosa – Tarrazù. The coffee comes from Costa Rica which is a bit of a personal favorite. I have not mentioned it very much, because it’s not often you find a high-quality bag from Costa Rica. Like I wrote in part 1, here we go!


Information and recipe for the coffee:

Origin: Costa Rica
Variety:  Catuai
Farm: Carlos & Lucia Montero
Region: La Pastora
Process: White Honey
Altitude: 1 900 meters above sea level.

Pour Over:

17 g coffee (grind setting 24A at Baratza Sette 270, medium-coarse)
225 g filtered water
40 g blooming 45 seconds
93 degrees Celsius

1) 40g blooming for 45 seconds, stir with a bamboo stirrer to get all of the coffee wet.
2) 105 g of water in a circular flow (this including 40 g of water blooming). This including 45 seconds of blooming should be on in 1 minute and 55 seconds
3) 120 g of water in a circular route that ends with a flow (approx. 10-15 g) on edge. The total brewing time of 2 minutes and 25 seconds.


Espro Travel Press:

19g coffee (grind setting 26B at Baratza Sette 270)
284g of filtered water
94 degrees Celsius

1) After pouring both the coffee and the water, stir the coffee 10 times. I suggest you use a bamboo stirrer. Avoid sharp objects.
2) Screw the press and let steep for 4 minutes
3) Press slowly, if the press gets stuck, just lift the press and try again. It is normal.
4) Serve or seal the lid.


Review: In my personal experience coffee from Nero Scuro always have an aroma rich smell even when the bag is unopened. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if the coffee smells good before opening the bag, the outcome can be completely different. With this knowledge, it’s really cool that it has an as good aroma even as brewed in a cup.

What can you expect when you drink Santa Rosa – Tarrazù from Nero Scuro? According to the description of the coffee bag, they mention peach, papaya, lemon, and citrus.

So how does the coffee stand for its description? It is quite alike, I find it hard to note hints of papaya, but the sweetness and the delicious acidity from peach & citrus are found right away. This is a high-quality coffee that keeps an even level of every cup. Unbelievably good!

This is guaranteed the best coffee for this year, it keeps a high standard on its own and even with some kind “fika” to it. The coffee is pretty acidic and that acidity is really good, it has no bitterness at all and has a continuous sweetness that can only be described as the smooth. A big plus to Nero Scuro to take the initiative to contact me to send me coffee that suits better for my palate, a big plus to how well they roasted their coffee and everything in between. Amazing!!!


Rating: 8.0/10

The rating is only based on taste and quality and is not based on price.

If you’re interested in this specific coffee, click here to order it!

If you rather want to look at the remaining selection from Nero Scuro, click here!


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