Record – Coffee – Monsun Malabar

First of all, I actually had a better picture for this, but for some reason, it’s gone. I wonder if I actually used my camera with the SD card inserted or something like that. However, that’s why I had to instantly use my fluffy cat as a background; it kinda works!

I actually got this coffee from my mother-in-law. And I think that the Indian Monsoon Malabar coffee might be a blend of coffee that made me first feel that there’s better coffee than the typical pre-ground from the grocery store. The interest grew a lot more, as you can see on my Instagram account, hehe.

Monsoon Malabar from @recordskovde still smells amazing; this is a blend I’ve had from many other places/roasteries, and it still makes me happy. It’s a bit darker than I prefer, but it’s nice in the espresso machine, and I’m just glad that I got a little surprise present like this.

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