The Coffeevine November 17 Box – Climpson & Sons Kenya Kirinyaga AA

Part 1 for The Coffeevine November 17 box, in this post I’ll only write about the coffee from the coffee roastery Climpson & SonsIn the previous post, you’ve been able to read about the coffee and also what I expect from the coffee. In this part, I’ll share my recipe for an awesome pour-over and Espro travel press as usual.

In my cupping of Climpson & Sons Kenya Kirinyaga AA it is similar to the flavors the company themselves noted. There was a clear aroma of red grape and even tones from smoked cherry wood chips. I would also like to know how good this coffee would be with “fika”. I tried it with a dark chocolate, it didn’t really agree with the coffee. It was not balanced as I had hoped, the chocolate highlighted the smokiness that I felt during my personal cupping.


When I do cupping I do the following:

1) Grind 11 g coffee in a medium-coarse grind, I’ll remember the coffee’s fragrances now when it is dry to compare with the let grounds later.
2) Pour 180 g of water at a temperature of 93 degrees Celsius.
3) Let it sit for 4 minutes.
4) Stir 3 times and try to find as many scents.
5) Remove all foam that’s formed on the top, as shown in the picture below.
6) Wait for 6 minutes so the coffee cools down and to let the coffee grounds fall down to the bottom, then I’ll take my first slurp with a deep spoon. The idea is that you will spray the coffee inside your mouth. That way you will be able to easily recognize the tones contained in the coffee.
7) Wait for 6 minutes and do the same procedure, the reason behind step 7 is that it’s the most optimal time for tasting coffee. If the coffee is still good after 12-15 minutes, then it is a high-quality coffee!

Cupping notes:
A very clear red grape that emphasizes the sourness of the coffee, bitterness and some sweetness. The smokiness in the cup reminds a lot of food that has been smoked with cherry wood chips.

Information and recipe for the coffee:

Origin: Kenya
Variety:  Arabica SL 28 SL 34
Farm: Slopes of 8 Smallholders
Region: Kirinyaga
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1500-1800 meters above sea level.

Pour Over:

17 g coffee (grind setting 22C at Baratza Sette 270, coarse)
225 g water
40 g blooming 35 seconds
91 degrees Celsius

1) 40 g blooming for 35 seconds, stir with a bamboo stirrer to get all of the coffee wet.
2) 115 g of water in a circular flow (this including 40 g of water blooming). This including 35 seconds of blooming should be on in 1 minute and 20 seconds
3) 110 g of water in a circular route that ends with a flow (approx. 10-15 g) on edge. The total brewing time of 1 minute, 45-50 seconds.

Espro Travel Press:

19g coffee (grind setting on 26B Baratza Sette 270)
284g of filtered water
94 degrees Celsius

1) After pouring both the coffee and the water, stir the coffee 10 times. I suggest you use a bamboo stirrer. Avoid sharp objects.
2) Screw the press and let steep for 4 minutes
3) Press slowly, if the press gets stuck, just lift the press and try again. It is normal.
4) Serve or seal the lid.

Review: It’s a good coffee that and the information left me with expectations, after 1 week of tasting every day, it wasn’t what I wished for. I had hoped for an acidic sweet coffee with blackcurrant and strawberry tones. I would prefer if the smoke was left out and use a lighter roast. Together with the chocolate, it became a negative experience, that’s probably the first time I’ve experienced that the chocolate would spoil the coffee. Strange. There is still an okay/good coffee and I know that the farm has good quality on the green bean. Do you like smokey coffee? Then Climpson & Son’s Kenya Kirinyaga AA is amazing!

The chocolate I ate was a dark chocolate with sea salt.

Rating: 5.5/10

The rating is only based on taste and quality and is not based on price.


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