Burundian GITWE hill coffee is sourced from 637 farmers at an elevation of 1900 meters. It is pulped, sealed, stirred, and then dried, resulting in a sweet, fruity coffee with flavors of blackberry and nectarine.

The Honey method is used to process Burundi Gitwe, which involves drying the beans in their mucilage. Initially, the cherries are subjected to density-sorting or ‘floating’ to remove any unripe or overripe ones that float to the surface, while perfectly ripe ones remain at the bottom.

Following this, manual sorting is carried out, and the cherry undergoes pulping to remove most of the skin and pulp. However, the bean still retains its innermost layer of mucilage, which is why this process is referred to as honey. This mucilage is sticky to the touch, sweet in taste, and has a golden color.

With a filter brew you’ll get the most of the blackberry flavor for, in my case the Chemex was the best choice!


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