The Coffeevine December 17 Box Preview

Now it’s finally time to write about the Coffeevine’s December box, in this post I will write a few short posts about each coffee, where the coffee roaster is from, where the coffee comes from and my expectations about the coffee itself.


1) Origin Coffee Roasters, UK.
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Origin: Kenya
Variety:  Arabica SL 28 & Baitan
Farm: Muwa AA
Region: Nyeri
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1680 meters above sea level.

Cupping notes:
Berry jam, stewed plums & orange candy.

Expectation: Origin offers a very exciting coffee from central Kenya, it smells amazing and has great flavors at the roasteries cupping. I’m holding this one as one of the favorites.

2) The Barn, Berlin, Germany.
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Origin: Honduras
Variety: Bourbon
Farm: El Diamante
Region: Intibuca
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700 meters above sea level.

Cupping notes::
Dark grapes, red apple & silky.

Expectation: I wasn’t expecting to meet The Barn again so soon. Last time they visited me at the last KaffeBox and now they’re in the next subscription service: The Coffeevine. They have a roast profile that is very similar to the Scandinavian method.


3) Da Matteo, Göteborg, Sweden.
Personal cupping and recipe is published on 2018-01-05

Origin: Colombia
Variety: Tabi
Farm: Finca El Tesoro
Region: Palestina
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1750 meters above sea level.

Cupping notes:
Buttery and sweet with notes of tropic fruit and red apple.

Expectation: Finally a coffee in The Coffeevine represented by Sweden. This also smells amazing. I have a good relationship with Da Matteo and I know that they work hard with the quality. I imagine this as one of the favorites.


Conclusion: It’s so cool to finally have a Swedish coffee in The Coffeevine. It is also important not to have an Ethiopian coffee, since there usually are two out of three. It also looks like a greater selection of countries. This will be very exciting!

Of all these three, I think Da Matteo’s coffee takes it home and of course I keep myself objective. The reason is simple: I think Colombian coffee from this year’s harvest is extremely good, the smell is delicious and interesting flavors. The only thing I’m a little dissatisfied with is that unfortunately the process is washed, I think this would have been a lot better than natural.

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