The Coffeevine December 18 Box Preview

It might be too late to review these, but in my opinion, nothing is too late. We should celebrate these coffees as they are and still know what you can expect of the coffee roasteries and also how the harvest of the coffee did deliver.

Let’s start with the last Coffeevine preview relating to 2018!


As usual, I will write an informative text with expectations in this post. So with these words, let us begin with the Coffeevine’s December 18 Box!


1) Five Elephant, Germany.
Personal cupping and recipe 

Origin: El Salvador
Variety: Bourbon
Producer: Finca Las Ranitas, Jose Antonio Jr & Andres Salaverria
Region: Juayûa, Sonsonate
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1 450 – 1 500 masl

Cupping notes from the coffee roastery:
Lychee, milk chocolate & green tea.

Expectation: The smell is amazing, I think that this coffee will be one of the better. It has a very savory aroma. I’m expecting a very sweet cup of this.


2) Father’s Coffee, Czech Republic.
Personal cupping and recipe 

Origin: Ethiopia
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Altitude: –

Cupping notes from the coffee roastery:
Jasmine, white tea & bergamot.

Expectation: This could be a standard Ethiopian with a more deeper flavor since this is espresso roasted. I believe this will be a very good everyday coffee to work. It’s deep and got that lovely coffee flavor you associate with work coffee… But ten times better!


3) Koppi, Sweden.
Personal cupping and recipe 

Origin: Costa Rica
Variety:  Catuai
Producer: Luis and Oscar Monge
Region: Santa Rosa, Tarrazu
Process: Washed

Cupping notes from the coffee roastery:
Plums, nougat & black tea.

Expectation: Ohh I do love coffee from Costa Rica, this sounds so good! Koppi has been one of my favorites in roasting coffee, but it’s been a while since they left me with awe. So I hope this one will deliver.

As usual this will be very exciting to see which coffee roastery will win in this The Coffeevine’s December 18 box.

I think that Koppi:s coffee from Costa Rica will be the absolute winner of these three coffees. But the coffee from El Salvador from Five Elephant also sounds really good. But as always; I’ll keep an open mind and see how it will work out!

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Don’t forget to keep yourself updated with the upcoming recipes for the November 18 box!

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