The Coffeevine May 18 Box Preview

Now it’s finally time to write about the Coffeevine’s May 18 box, in this post I will write a few short posts about each coffee, where the coffee roaster is from, where the coffee comes from and my expectations about the coffee itself.


1) Mok Coffee, Belgium.
Personal cupping and recipe available 2018-06-13

Origin: Rwanda
Variety:  Red Bourbon
Farm: Gatare station
Region: Gatare
Process: Natural
Altitude: –

Cupping notes:
Blackcurrant, orange & cream with milk chocolate.

Expectation: It sounds very good! Coffee from Rwanda is very good and it’s Natural processed at last! Which makes me happy! The description is interesting. It shall also be intriguing to try Moks Coffee because of their long existence in the coffee scene.

2) Taste Map, Lithuania.
Personal cupping and recipe available 2018-06-15

Origin: Honduras
Variety: Bourbon
Farm: El Duranzo, Francisco Alavarado
Region: San Juanill, Masaguara, Intibuca
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1 700 meters above sea level.

Cupping notes:
Black tea, citrus, grapes & grenadine. Clean and juicy.

Expectation: This coffee smells really really good! Unlike the coffee above, this coffee has an incredibly good smell. It’s really hard to keep my hands from opening, throwing everything into my grinder and grind a lot of coffee beans. I think that this will be great!



Conclusion: As usual this will be very exciting to see which coffee roaster will win in this The Coffeevine’s May box 18. On the other hand, it’s not going to be as fun this month, it got a bit nuisance so we’re reviewing two coffee bags this time.

Now there are two different countries, coffee from Rwanda and Honduras. These two countries are becoming more and more common in specialty coffee, especially coffee from Rwanda. A little pity that there will only be 2 coffee bags in this May 18 box, but let’s do the best of this situation and brew a couple of cups extra!

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