A new machine in town!

Just gonna update you a bit; I’m gonna try to do this more often. So, what’s happened is that I reviewed a budget-friendly bean-to-cup machine from DeLonghi earlier this year. Now I’ve got a test machine for their machine called “Eletta Explore.” It looks more “deluxe” than the earlier model that I had (Magnifica S Smart).

Just by glancing at their product, it feels like they focus on not just hot coffee but also cold brew. I don’t know how they actually make their cold brew, but it will be very interesting to both try it out and also know the actual technology behind it.

This test will be published on @prisjakt, which is how I can actually try new machines and give my honest opinion about food and coffee stuff. I also want to thank @delonghisverige for loaning out another machine for me to try!

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