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This is the second post from the Equipment category. This is about one of the best and most important tools for coffee brewing, which is a digital scale. The most important thing when buying a digital scale is that the scale has the following attributes:

Weights between 0.1 grams.
That the scale measures quickly, precisely and has self-calibration.
To have a built-in timer.
That it can withstand splashes of water.
Easy to use

Baristashopen’s Digital Scale has all these attributes and is the best tool for precision-brewing. I will review all these features and its meaning in more detail below:

If you’re going to achieve perfect results every time, it’s incredibly important that your digital scale weighs between 0.1 grams at the time. You will have the same conditions in terms of weight; each time! For example: I always use 17 grams of coffee to 225 grams of filtered water (taken from my standard recipe). If I can always weigh exactly 17.0 grams of coffee and exactly 225.0 grams of water, the precision brewing simplifies greatly. If you think that the coffee still, despite these conditions, tastes wrong then you know that it is either the degree of paint you need to adjust or the temperature of the water.

Being able to weigh 0.1 gram is extremely important, as said, but if the digital scale does not weigh exactly, it does not matter. On the website, it says: “It weighs extremely accurately and is of the highest quality. Also called diamond wrap because it weighs so accurately.” From my own experience, it has always weighed correctly and also much faster than other products when I tested them with weights. Self-calibration is something many ignore or do not know its meaning, having a self-calibrating scale means that you do not get rid of calibration weights. And if the digital scale is not calibrated correctly, it’s not exactly either.

With a timer function on your digital scale when you brew gives you the best chance to see the number of grams and number of seconds that have passed in one place. I have always used the mobile phone timetable, and it really has its disadvantages: the screen goes off and any screen lock needs to be specified, you may be damp and can not click on it or the phone rings. As a solution, you can, of course, buy a 150-hour timer, but they are usually not water resistant and are not on the same display anyway. Then it would be better to spend a little extra on a digital scale with timer function, and I’ll never do that miss again.

As you will work with coffee, your digital scale will be exposed to water, so you have a guarantee that the digital scale will not be affected by water splashing. In addition to water, for example, I have had skim milk or freshly ground coffee. Milk can be quite difficult to get rid of when it is solidified when it contains sugars, then it is an advantage to be able to clean the product without fear of destroying the scale, or even smarter; Use the rubber cover that is included.

Of course, it should not be a science to use the scale, everything should go as fast and smoothly as possible so that all you have to do is read seconds, grams of grams and think about how to pour the water. There are a total of four buttons, one to put on it, a Target button to reset the weight, a start button for the timer, and finally a button that changes the device (this only takes you once).

It also comes with a rubber cover for the digital scale, something I’ve never seen before. The rubber casing I always wear and is a nice extra protection and also provides increased stability to the container I’m brewing. It’s also nice to just pull off the protection and clean it under the crane instead of bringing the entire digital scale.

If you are buying a new scale or a first scale for your coffee brewing, I can guarantee it meets all your needs.

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