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Back to another espresso! Today I’m having @johanochnystrom at the blog again. Unlike the times before this it’s whole beans and not pre-ground packaged one cup drip kits. Just a quick thing about it, if you havn’t seen or tried their one cup drip kits, look at my posts before this one or go to their page. It’s really good and so easy to use wherever you might be!

I do some espresso reviews from time to time and not it’s time for another one. I got some backstory for this espresso as well. This was actually the first artisinally roasted espresso I’ve tried in my life, of course it was XX years ago, but it was from @johanochnystrom. So after all of these years I thought to my self that it would be nice to try it again.

From the start it really feels like a traditional espresso, nothing to sharp or crispy like the modern ones. It smells like roasted hazelnuts with a classic taste. A lot of cacao, light bitterness (like the skin of a roasted hazelnut) which makes an amazing 2:1 espresso. It’s really good with milk as well. It’s really budget friendly and it delievers an amazing crema!

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