Johan & Nyström – One Cup – Ethiopia Guji

Last week I tried their Brazilian Fortaleza which is what I called a people pleaser since it has all the most liked notes in a coffee. Today I’m reviewing the one that I like the most, it’s their Guji from Ethiopia and we all (should) know how much I love this fruity coffee.

The instructions are pretty easy, but to  but the thing is:
1. Put the filter on the cup
2. Pour 30g of water and let it bloom for 30 seconds
3. Slowly pour until you get a total of 185 grams of water.

The attached instructions has more text than what I wrote above, but maybe it’s nice to see two different recipes if you want to try it out.

The reason I prefer this one of all the three is because of how fruity it is. I’ve had their Guji from whole beans for many (then I mean MANY) years and It’s always been a joy to drink. In this kind of form it’s really brilliant, I love how the juicy notes is so easy to highlight wherever you might be.

Try them out and see which one is your favorite. DM me if you have questions or just if you want to talk about coffee. My door is always open.

I got mine from Baristashopen and you can do it too! Johan & Nyström has much more than these single uses, check out them as well!

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