Johan & Nyström – One Cup – Brazil Fortaleza

Last week I tried their Guatemala Santa Isabel and it was really tasty with notes of caramell. However, today It’s all about their Brazilian One Cup. This is the one that I think will be the people pleaser!

The instructions are pretty easy, but to  but the thing is:
1. Put the filter on the cup
2. Pour 30g of water and let it bloom for 30 seconds
3. Slowly pour until you get a total of 185 grams of water.

The attached instructions has more text than what I wrote above, but maybe it’s nice to see two different recipes if you want to try it out.

Why I think that this will be a people pleaser is because of the most liked coffee notes are nuts and chocolate and this one has both of them. The easy brewing method makes a great coffee experience and I’ve gotten a lot of questions in my DMs about how it will work outdoors, like in the woods and stuff. I answered pretty quickly that if you have; a cup and hot water = you’re all set.

I got mine from Baristashopen and you can do it too! Johan & Nyström has much more than these single uses, check out them as well!

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