Lidingö Rosteri – Espresso

It was a very long time ago I reviewed coffee from Lidingö Rosteri, today we have an espresso blend. Containing the classic Colombia Finca Tolima and El Salvador Finca Las Nubes.

I would say that this blend is great for an espresso; you get a lot of hazelnuts and also dark chocolate. If you read on the bag it says 224-226 degrees Celsius, and you actually notice that. It has too many bitter notes that easily could’ve been lowered quite a bit. However, it’s still good for its price and together with milk it makes an okay Cappuccino for sure.

I wrote about degrees before and it’s because I’m getting more and more into roasting since I got a roaster from @hiveroaster. It’s a manual coffee roaster that Matthew has done by hand. The thing is that it’s not air roasted, you swirl the raw coffee in the roaster by hand over a flame that gives it a more genuine coffee flavor than air roasted (in my opinion). I’ll be uploading my coffee roasting recipes as well, so stay tuned for that!


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