Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters – Colombia Finca Las Margaritas

I got a little sample bag a while ago by the coffee roaster Gringo. The coffee had a really neat aroma from the start; you could easily tell that it would have a lot of cacao flavor to it.

You know how some coffees have that dark chocolate taste that feels like raw cacao but has some milky elements? It’s pretty much like that. And the darker the chocolate the more acidity it will have, and this coffee really reminds me of all that! But it’s not all chocolatey of course, it has a lot of citrus and almost tea tree oil notes to it, it’s really great and of all brewing methods… The V60 takes it; I can just play how I want and brew the way I feel like and still hitting the notes every time. It’s a really pleasant coffee.

If you’re by any chance interested why the photo looks a bit funky is because I took the picture with a 150mm telephoto lens. With my crop-sensor camera you could actually say that it’s a 225mm telephoto lens. I had to stand two rooms away to take it haha! So the vignetting isn’t digital at all it’s a shot taken through newly washed clothes making it vignette a bit. The lens itself are also an interesting piece, it’s a vintage lens manufactured in 1956.


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