Kafferäven Per Nordby – Cascara – La Julia Costa Rica

Today I’m not reviewing any coffee beans, but it’s still coffee related of course. It’s not the bean in the coffee cherry it’s the husk instead and that is called Cascara. So in other words what we think of as “coffee” is the seed/core of a coffee cherry. Cascara means “peel” or “husk” in Spanish and is the husk of the coffee cherry. After they’ve been dried in the sun they can be used as a tea. The brew ratio that I like is 15-20 grams of Cascara to 1000 grams water at 95 degrees Celsius, this is the same recommendations that @kafferaven writes in the back of the bag.⠀

This cascara is from Costa Rica (La Julia) and is from the variety called Caturra. Last time I reviewed a cascara from Rwanda and I really liked that one a lot. This is somehow even better, and I don’t even know how to explain that. It’s not as complex, but it’s just better and the Rwanda one is AMAZING. So this means that this is something special right? The Rosehip and honey is such a good combo, loved it from the start.

As usual there’s no pause for posts on Thursday even if it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow, so with that said: Merry Christmas and see you on Saturday!

I’ve done a Cascara syrup before and I’ll paste the recipe here again for you to see!

I’ve also used it to infuse a simple syrup to make it flavored which works AMAZING! Recipe for my own way of doing Cascara Syrup: ⠀

12g Cascara⠀⠀
100g water⠀⠀
100g sugar⠀⠀
Get the water to 95 degrees Celsius then let it steep for 18 minutes. Strain it 3 times and you have a syrup with a complex flavor! The Cascara syrup will give you a lovely sweet rosehip flavor. It’s super tasty and is perfect for the summer.⠀⠀


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