Pennybridge Roasters – Anarky Rum Coffee

For today’s post it’s pretty new, something I haven’t tried at all. It’s innovative and experimental. It’s Rum coffee, but it’s not the typical rum coffee I’ve tried before. The ones I’ve tried before are artificial Rum flavored coffee, but this is actually Rum coffee.

So the coffee beans that’s inside the bag has been stored in a rum barrel made of American white oak that has aged rum from both Jamaica and Panama.

Tasting the coffee is not like any other coffee I’ve tried before, I also got a really good tip from @kaffemastaren that I should grind the coffee more fine than I usually do because the coffee attracts the water in a different way than a non rum coffee would. Knowing that in advance made it a bit easier to extract the best I could. To describe this coffee I would say that if you sip on a nice rum and eat a nice chocolate, that combination is pretty close and I just tried it out before writing this.

But when would I drink this? Would I drink it in the morning? Maybe not, but I feel like it’s a more ceremonial coffee or something else. On the back of the bag they wrote: “This coffee is for you who want the feeling of sipping on rum but without the alcohol. The feeling of enjoying a coffee and avec but with the only level of inebriation being its taste”. This would be a pretty accurate way of enjoying it I guess, and it’s something you would like to try from time to time. It’s special like that.

I took the picture together with a friend of mine over the Christmas holidays and to be honest I don’t know who of us took it, but he’s a better photographer so it was probably him (@oscar.bostrom).

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