Kaffebox – May 19 Box Preview: Coffea Circulor

Now it’s finally time for the next KaffeBox, we’ve finally caught up with the date! Let’s go with the May 19 box!

This will be the 17th time for KaffeBoxyou can read the most previous post here.

The coffee comes from the Norwegian roastery Coffea Circulor. Next week we will review coffee from Ethiopia and Rwanda. Just look at the bags, they are so beautiful!

As usual, I start with an informative text about the coffees:

Coffea Circulor, Norway.

1) Coffea Circulor – Ch’ire Ameli
Personal cupping and recipe will be published 2019-06-12

Origin: Ethiopia
Variety:  Heirloom
Producer: 800 Smallholders
Region: Sidama, Ch’ire Village
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2 000+  masl.

Cupping notes from the coffee roastery:
I’m gonna quote them 100% on this.

Aroma: Miltoniopsis Orchid, Milk Chocolate
Flavor: Wild strawberry, Mango, Cantaloupe
Aftertaste: Milk chocolate, Wild strawberry, Long
Acidity: Mandarin, Vibrant, Mid-High
Body: Smooth, Mid
Balance: Uniform

This sounds so lovely, first of all, a natural processed coffee from Ethiopia just screams happiness for me. The cherries are also harvested from a very high altitude, which is almost always a positive thing. I really look forward to this coffee!

2) Coffea Circulor – Rushashi
Personal cupping and recipe will be published 2019-06-16

Origin: Rwanda
Variety: Bourbon
Producer: Abakundakawa Rushashi
Region: Northern Province, Gakenke
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1 700 – 2 000 masl.

Cupping notes from the coffee roastery:
I’m gonna quote them 100% on this.

Aroma: Honey, Caramel
Flavor: Anise, Honey, Raspberry
Aftertaste: Red grape, Cocoa, Long
Acidity: Sweet lemon, Mid-High
Body: Smooth, Mid
Balance: Uniform

I’m again satisfied with the treatment being natural-processed. I’m not as interested in this coffee as the one above. But I have some sort of belief regarding this roastery. I really believe in their expertise!

Conclusion: It’s my first time trying coffee from Coffea Circulor, but reading their descriptions and see how they think just makes me believe in them. They sound so knowledgable and experienced that makes me very comfortable to try them out.

As usual, I always wish to give a respectful greeting to KaffeBox, which allows us to get together with coffee from all over Scandinavia so that we can see how we roast differently and at the same time give us the best coffee from there. As a Swede, I hope we support our wonderful neighbors and continue to subscribe.

The Ethiopian coffee just sounds heavenly, I’m looking forward for that one!

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