Cold Brew – The Cold School Method

I was actually going to make a review for today’s post, however, it’s too hot and I can’t get any hot liquid inside of me at all. It’s 34 degrees Celsius inside the room I’m writing this post in for example. I’m guessing that investing in a good AC is something to think about for the future.

So instead of a coffee review, I’ll share a method of brewing cold coffee. I’m pretty sure a lot of you know how to do this, but if one person doesn’t it’s worth the post right?

This is like a shortcut of the traditional cold brew that takes a night to make, this is like brewing normal coffee, and the only difference is that you brew it over ice. A great rule is that you can use your normal recipe that you like for your pour over; just use the same “water ratio”. In my case I like the normal 20g coffee to 300g water, in this case use 150g ice and 150g water, this will make a well balanced coffee between extracting great taste with hot water and a lot of ice that can cool it down quickly enough.

This will give a much richer coffee than the cold brew. The cold brew itself has no bitterness and is much more mild it its flavor and is a really different coffee. This method is more close to a normal pour over, if you compare the richness. This is in my case, what I wanted on this very hot day.

20g coffee (use the grind you like for your pour over)
150g ice
150g hot water (95 degrees Celsius)

There’s nothing special here, just put ice in the container, coffee in the brewer and pour 150g hot water slowly in a rotating pattern.

I used a coffee I reviewed the 7th of July. It’s the Papa Guinea roasted by @costas_of_sweden. The tropical flavors were really amazing and worked out really well as cold coffee.


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