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The second coffee from @kafferaven subscription box from July is a coffee from an origin I hold close to my heart; Kenya.

This coffee has some amazing acidity, I mean just read the front of the bag. It says: “Aromatic, rhubarb, red currant & citrus”, that says it all, this is a acidic bomb to enjoy!

I began with the V60 of course, then I tried a couple of other brewing methods. However, the one that stood out the most was brewing with my amazing & lovely aeropress. The acidic high notes was so clear and the water afterwards was like a slow tempo song and the aftertaste was long lasting.

This coffee is marked as the letter A for Adventurous, and it really is. You go from an earthy aromatic to a lovely acidic journey.

I really likes both coffees, they have their time and place of course. However, it’s really hard to just pick one. I would actually say that todays coffee is better, but I would drink the other one more often since its balance works better day to day. Still great coffee!

As usual the coffee from these subscriptions from @kafferaven is making me so happy, it’s really nice to get a coffee that’s “seasonal”, and for me it’s a hit every time.




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