Cool Beans Cold Brew Coffee – Drink mixer

Alright, so another brand of cold brew has appeared in Sweden. We have a lot of brands, but I want to bring out smaller companies who works with what they love and uses high quality products and just delievers the best result you can get.

So today I want to show off a great product from Cool Beans, it’s a cold brew coffee but this product is doubled in strength and their idea is that this is supposed to be a drink mixer. So for your White Russians and whatnot. However, this is so much more. I could easily drink it like on the picture I’ve just shot for this post.  It’s not super strong or intense in any way, it’s mild, sweet and floral – just like cold brew should be like.

Of course I’ll be doing some experiments with it to give you recipes and Cool Beans some feedback on how I use their product and hopefully you’ll see more of them and not just from my feed.

An interesting thing just struck me, this tastes a lot like the coffee I just reviewed last week and the week before. I usually try to do a cold brew on every coffee I do and this was more or less the same in its floral notes (it hit the same highs and had the same lows in acidity). Since both were from Rwanda I looked it up a bit more and it’s actually from the same farm. The sisters Beatrice and Immaculate are growing this coffee and the Gringo coffee I just reviewed. I have to ask if it’s Gringo roasted or by someone else because this is too much of a coincidence, isn’t it?

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