Cool Beans Cold Brew Coffee – Cold Brew

So last week I wrote about Cool Beans drink mixer, which was a hit for me, it was great for mixing into drinks or making lemonades with. Just an easy solution to reach great resulting drinks. So instead of a using their product that’s meant to be mixed with stuff, let’s go to their product that’s made to be drinkable just after opening the bottle.

By the way, when I wrote about their coffee last time I felt that it tasted a lot like @gringonordic’s coffee I’ve just reviewed, after I’ve been asking them the hunch was actually correct which is kinda cool in a way. However, this coffee is also used for their normal Cold Brew Coffee called Batch #1. Batch #1 is from Rwanda and has a lot of floral notes ending with a mild finish, which is really nice for a cold brew. I’m really intrigued to see what their second batch will be like, perhaps something different that will be even better.

So what’s my favorite way of enjoying a cold brew? Well I like to keep it simple, just a lot of ice to keep it cold and if the coffee has mild floral notes like batch #1 I would add a wedge of citrus next to it. Citrus and coffee (works well together, I know how weird this sounds). Squeeze in some drops if you want to freshen up the coffee or just keep it next to your mouth while you’re sipping it away!

The glass I’m using is called Rona Single Malt Whiskey from @barkonsultnordicand and is a typical sniffer, lovely way to smell the drinks your drinking. Works for Whiskey and works for coffee as well.

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