Gringo Nordic – Julkaffe (Christmas Coffee)

Usually, I post on Thursdays, but since it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow for us in Sweden I’ll post today instead.

For this year I’ve chosen to pick out Gringos Julkaffe (in English: Christmas Coffee). It’s a flavorful package of mid-dark-roast coffee beans. Which is quite nice! Long ago they often had spice added to the coffee and it was usually pre-ground, in later years it’s more common with making a blend of aromatic results instead, which is what I prefer. So no added spice in this coffee!

A bit too dark for me, but since it’s a Christmas coffee it should be enjoyed by everyone and since it’s high-quality beans it’s still good for someone who drinks light-roast every day. So don’t forget to get yours before Christmas! I got mine from Baristashopen

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