Johan & Nyström – Panama Pineapple Thief – Revisit

First of all, I do know that this is the old packaging, but I got a bit nostalgic seeing it on when I thought about this coffee. It’s because it’s my old kitchen table in my first apartment.

The reason why I’m going back to a post is that, first of all, I actually have the new bag at home, but I wanted to use the old picture because I’m not going to write about the new one. Today’s post is more about memories than an actual tasting. The reason behind that is that I’ve had COVID-19 for a while now, and my taste buds can’t represent this kind of tasting at all.

I think that the first time I had this coffee was when I was at Kaffemästaren in Örebro. The barista Markus brewed me a takeaway cup, and I was sipping that on the way home. The fruitiness was an absolute joy, and that cup is still the best cup of Panama Pineapple Thief I’ve had.

We’ll see when I’ll actually review something again. I hope the taste buds will be better for next week!

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