Johan & Nyström – Panama Pineapple Thief – New Visit?

So, I promised to revisit the new packaging and, in some ways, the new memories of this coffee. I have had some great memories drinking the Panama Pineapple Thief, and the taste is ingrained in my memory. It’s sad that I can’t really taste it at the moment. However, there is a taste there, but it isn’t as fruity. After losing a lot of taste, I’m really trying to appreciate the flavors I can sense, and since this coffee is special to me, it feels relevant to begin with it.

Even when I’m drinking really balanced coffees, there’s still something I can’t taste – the nuttiness, fruitiness, and complex sweetness like molasses. So what can I taste here? The thing with Panama Pineapple Thief is that you can taste the pineapple, but it’s soft and not as sharp or acidic. It’s almost like sipping on a tea with a more full-bodied feel.

I’ll try to keep 20 grams of coffee for a month or so. Hopefully, I’ll get a higher boost of flavors next time! Anyways, it’s a really good coffee.

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