Johan & Nyström – Espresso – FTO – Again!

Today, I delved into the world of espresso once again, seeking that ideal companion for my afternoons. And let me tell you, I found it! The @johanochnystrom FTO espresso blend has completely captivated my taste buds. With rich notes of chocolate and sweet fruitiness, this coffee embodies balance, smoothness, and a delightful sharpness that truly satisfies.

What inspired this espresso revival? Well, as you probably know, I’m reviewing a coffee machine from @delonghisverige for @prisjakt. Having the ability to brew a strong espresso or coffee at home is a game-changer for everyone. It’s all about finding that perfect tweak to achieve the robust flavor we all like.

But let’s focus on the star of the show: the coffee itself! The @johanochnystrom espresso blend is a testament to the dedicated farmers who prioritize sustainability and biodiversity. Grown and harvested with care, these high-quality beans bring together the best of Central or South America, East Africa, and Brazil, creating a flavor profile that remains consistently exceptional throughout the year. The artful roasting process further elevates the flavors, resulting in an espresso that any coffee lover would appreciate.

During my espresso brewing experiments, I partnered the extraordinary @johanochnystrom FTO blend with the Delonghi Magnifica S espresso machine. While the machine may not deliver a traditional espresso per se, it produces a unique blend resembling a strong coffee-meets-espresso experience, akin to a moka. And let me tell you, the FTO espresso worked its magic brilliantly in this fusion. Every sip offered a well-balanced, smooth, and chocolatey delight that left me thoroughly content.

FTO delivers once again—it’s absolutely brilliant! I’m eager to try out more espresso machines in the future and share my experiences with different espresso blends. Stay tuned for more coffee adventures!


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