Pennybridge Roasters – Top Selection – Hacienda Sonora

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a freshly brewed filter coffee. Today, I’ll share my enjoyable experience, although it might be a bit too wordy since it’s been a while.

So, I recently had the pleasure of trying the @pennybridgeroasters Costa Rican, Hacienda Sonora, and I must say, it left a lasting impression. This coffee is a true gem for coffee enthusiasts seeking a delightful and unique experience.

The aroma of this coffee is great. As soon as you open the bag, it smells wonderful. When you grind it, the aroma gets even better, and you’ll notice a warm sweetness filling the room.

Upon brewing, the flavor profile of this coffee truly stood out. It showcased a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. The aroma carried hints of chocolate, caramel, and a subtle fruity note. The first sip revealed distinct notes of bright citrus that blended harmoniously with the smooth and velvety undertones of chocolate. It was truly something.

So, yet again, a lovely coffee from my local roaster @pennybridgeroasters. Whenever I step into their inviting store @kaffemastaren, I’m always greeted warmly, and our conversations are always interesting, and only about coffee, haha!


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